Marco was born in January 1978 and photography has been his passion from a young age, a passion that will never leave him despite receiving a technical education.
His love of art is reflected in everything he does: from drawing, painting and designing, he has transformed his passion into work by creating the Image Factory. Through photography, he has found an effective way for his ideas to come to life and make a moment in time survive forever.
This decision has been successful: his work is widely appreciated for its reportage style and his professionalism, and he is now involved with big brands nationwide.
Admirer of the good life, Marco is not only a great photographer, but a person that will win you over with his enthusiasm and with the gift of knowing how to put whoever is in front of him at ease.
Alice, his wife


I’m not interested in focusing only on technique, not when my job is to preserve your memories. I have always believed that couples entrust me the task of being their biographer and that, instead of the pen, my camera is the way to “gather” the key words to complete their book of memories.
The spontaneity of life force, the light of the moment, should be frozen to move beyond time and changing fashions, in the same way that the eyes of a person growing older do not lose their character.
Wedding photography is not about perfection, but about style and emotion.
I like to compare a successful work to “light painting”, impressionism, where the best work was created simultaneously with the event itself, painted almost in real time with a fast and very complex technique to preserve the essence of the moment.